Childbirth Prep Refresher

Instructor: Daychin Campbell
Schedule: One 4-hour class for "experienced" parents, offered on Saturday or Sunday, 2:00- 6:00pm
To register, Please click on the date below:

Saturday, January 17
Sunday, April 12

Price: $125

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Price covers the participation of mom-to-be and her birth partner. An additional birth partner may be included for a additional fee- please contact our office for details. Unfortunately, we cannot allow children to accompany their parents to our birth prep classes.

You should receive a class confirmation through YogaReg within 24 hours. If you do not receive your class confirmation within 24 hours of registering, please contact us immediately to confirm registration.

If the dates listed are not convenient, please consider our Comfort Measures class as an option.

How wonderful! You're having another baby! Our Childbirth Prep Refresher is an opportunity to revisit the labor and birth process from an "experienced" perspective. Curriculum is shaped by the needs of the students, and is likely to include the following topics:

  • stages of labor and how they might be different this time around
  • comfort measures for labor such as breathing and relaxation
  • revisiting previous birth experience to address things you would like to do the same or differently
  • common labor protocols and medical interventions vs. "solutions"
There also may be an opportunity to discuss introducing your older child to his or her new sibling.

Last updated: 1/9/15 JL