Trouble Shooting Common Sleep Roadblocks for Babies

Instructor: Elissa Gilbertson, PCD(DONA)
Schedule: Sunday, October 13, 10:30am- 1:00pm
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Price: $45 per person
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This class will cover common sleep problems parents encounter, causes and step-by-step solutions. Due to the fact that some sleep road blocks are cause by development and other natural factor this class will also review the sleep cycle and what is reasonable, sleep wise, to expect from your 0 to 12 month old.

We are fortunate to host visiting Sleep Specialist, Elissa Gilbertson. Elissa is a DONA Postpartum Certified Doula and hold degrees in Psychology and Child Development. For over 15 years she has worked with families and children in a variety of areas including sleep learning, behavior and parent/child communication. Using her background in Child Development and Psychology, as well as her years as a PCD(DONA) she works to balance attachment and attachment parenting with a baby’s biological need for sleep.

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