Meet the Doulas

Facilitators: Christine Vermeersch (Sundays), Alicia Fishbein (Fridays)
Schedule: Second Friday of every month, 7:00- 9:00pm and first Sunday of every month, 11:30am- 1:30pm
To register, Please click on the date below:

Sunday, September 7
Friday, September 12
Sunday, October 5
Friday, October 10
Sunday, November 2
Friday, November 14
Sunday, December 7
Friday, December 12

Price: $15 fee per couple

If you are a doula and would like to participate in Meet the Doula Night, please click here. If you are interested in becoming a doula, please click here.

Join other new and expectant parents once a month to learn about the benefits of doula services (birth and postpartum). Each Meet the Doulas Night includes an overview of what doulas do, the benefits of doula services, and how to find the right doula for you. Birth and postpartum doulas from the community participate to answer parentsí questions. Time will also be provided for parents to meet individually with doulas.

Please register through YogaReg at least three days prior to the date you plan to attend. Please let us know your due date, your phone number, and if you are interested in learning about Birth and/or Postpartum Doulas.

Meet the Doulas Night is a community service provided by Blossom. Blossom does not endorse specific doulas.

About Professional Birth & Postpartum Doulas

A birth doula, or childbirth assistant, offers non-medical, one-to-one care during pregnancy and the birth of your baby. This service makes available the nurturing care and support that traditional obstetrical care isn't always able to provide. A postpartum doula provides care for the family after the baby is born.

Blossom maintains relationships with many of the trained and certified doulas in the community, and we can assist you in finding a doula that meets your needs. Please visit our provider list for names of birth doulas and postpartum doulas in our community.

A birth doula supports you and your partner by providing the knowledge, comfort, and education necessary for a fulfilling birth experience, using techniques such as:

  • massage
  • breathing techniques and vocalization
  • counterpressure
  • visualization
  • relaxation
  • education and advocacy

This doula support allows the laboring woman's partner a greater sense of relaxation, and therefore an increased ability to care for the mother-to-be on an emotional level.

Clinical studies show the benefits of working with a birth doula include:

  • 50% reduction in cesarean rates
  • 25% reduction in the length of labor
  • 60% reduction in the rate of epidural use
  • 40% reduction in the need for forceps
  • higher breastfeeding rates

Other benefits include:

  • higher levels of confidence in partners as coaches
  • increased maternal sense of satisfaction in the birth
  • overall sense of well-being following delivery
  • easier transition into parenthood

Your birth doula will meet with you prenatally, offer phone support, provide early labor support in your home, and work with you throughout active labor and birth in your chosen setting. She will make at least one follow-up visit during your early postpartum period. Blossom Birth Services has a number of referrals for trained doulas in Palo Alto and its neighboring communities. Please see our Provider List.

Postpartum doulas can be a great resource after the birth of your baby. Most postpartum doulas will come in for 3 to 6 hours a day, 2 or more days per week, for 2 to 10 weeks. They provide breastfeeding support, meals, help with newborn tasks, errands, and most anything else that helps a household run smoothly. They do not take over care of the baby, nor do they do heavy housecleaning tasks. Having someone who is familiar with newborns come to your home on a regular basis can be very reassuring especially in the first weeks after your baby is born.

Doulas Wanting to Attend Meet the Doula Night :

To join us as a professional Doula for Meet the Doula Night, please contact Blossom at

You must RSVP to one of these invitations to be considered for attendance. The roster for each event is not first come, first served, but more fairly based on recent attendance so that every doula has a chance to attend. Blossom/ BABI members receive priority over non-members.

To join Blossom's Provider List, just follow the directions on our Provider Page.

Birth Doula Training:

Blossom will be offering a DONA-approved Doula Training in July 2015. Click Here for more info.

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